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Christian Meditation for Stress Relief and Renewing Your Mind

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 Many Believers are Discovering the Value of Christian Meditation to Relieve Stress, Renew their Minds, & Draw Closer to God


christian meditation

Meditation has been medically-proven to reduce stress, create calmness and inner peace, and even eliminate or reduce the symptoms of many illnesses. Just for this reason alone, meditation should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Even though meditation is a fairly old practice it’s a new concept for the modern day believer. Many believers grew up believing that Christian meditation was ungodly or dangerous. But if you were to do a thorough research, you would find that this just isn’t true. In reality, the most compelling reason for Christian meditation is the Bible itself.The scriptures that tells us that great success comes from meditating on Christ (Joshua 1:8) or Psalms 46:10 that declares it is through stillness that we come to know God.


Listen to 7-Minute Christian Meditation Sample, In His Presence:


 Listen Now! To Get Started:

+ Sit in a comfortable position.
+ Press Play.
+ Rest your hands in your lap.
+ Close your eyes and listen.

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Christian Meditation is different than traditional meditation in that believers are meditating on God, his presence, his glory, and his Word.

Christian Meditation is different than traditional meditation in that believers are meditating on the Lord Jesus Christ. As believers, we are encouraged to meditate.

Joshua 1:8 declares, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Psalms tells us to meditate on God’s love, mighty deeds, and decrees. (Psalms 48:9, 77:12, 119:23)

Jesus is also our example of a meditator as it was his daily custom to find a solitary place and spend hours just abiding with God and spending time in his presence. (Luke 5:16)

Spending time with God in silence and solitude and planting his word into your heart, is not only going to make you physically healthier, it’s going to also enhance your relationship with God and create more peace, joy, and contentment in your life.

If you are feeling disconnected from God, experiencing a lack of faith and unbelief, plagued with worry or fear, and lacking God’s joy in everyday events, through practicing Christian meditation you can begin turning your life around today.

Luke said in Acts 2:28, “You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.”

Christian meditation, abiding in God’s presence, has become a pathway to discovering a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God.

Welcome to the Christian meditation family!

Blessings, Rhonda Jones, Author

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christian meditation

These Guided Christian Meditation & Christian Affirmation MP3s and CDs Will Help You To:

  • Enjoy greater peace of mind by eliminating worrisome and negative thoughts.
  • Create more balance to carry out your values and nurture your whole self.
  • Control and stop endless and unproductive daydreaming and compulsive thinking.
  • Develop a greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and learn to discern His voice, leading, and unctions.
  • Live with more joy and contentment WITHOUT changing your circumstances.
  • Alleviate stress and other stress related illnesses.
  • Develop greater intimacy with God and increased wisdom. Christian meditation can change your life.


christian meditation testimonial   “I have bought Cd’s for my parents, and often recommend them to hurting folks who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and in particular chronic pain. I get a positive response from everyone who has used them! They are a blessing indeed – as are the Christian Meditator emails and the christian meditation website. Thanks, Rhonda!”- Dr. Deni Weber, Psy. D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist   christian meditation testimonial

Thank you so much for these beautiful guided christian meditations. As a long time member of a 12 step program I was introduced to God, then over time led by the Spirit to Christ. I came to realize that the meditation I had been doing, while surely helpful, was not what I needed as a born again Christian. So I stopped meditating. Lately, I’ve spent weeks searching the Internet and finding very little. What I did find was disappointing until I found your guided meditations. Thank you so much for the work you do. As a sober member of AA and a Christian, I need to pray and meditate. Now I have been provided this tremendous resource and, really, some discord has been resolved. Read More Christian Meditation Testimonials and Reviews – T. Howard

christian meditation testimonial I have been a recovered alcoholic for more than 27 years. I do have a wonderful relationship with God. But something was lacking in the other guided meditations that I have. There was nothing spiritual or God based about them. And after all of these years of living, I do know that of myself I am nothing. God must be right there with me. I googled Christian meditation one night searching for something more and found your site. I immediately purchased 2 cd’s and now own about 10! I love them, absolutely love them! I cannot miss a single night without listening. They have given me comfort and relief in a crazy world. I like you suffer from clinical depression and bi-polar disorder. I have been somewhat stable for many years now. But I somehow always feel that hole in my soul that I try to fill with unhealthy things. Spending, eating, etc. The Cd Divine Delay and God’s Blessings and Abundance have really helped me to take control of my thought life. I have been able to take it One Day at a Time with the spending and it really has worked (most of the time)!…Please keep doing what your doing. You have a gift from God and I know you have helped so many people. You’ve definitely blessed me.- Rebecca M.


Getting Started with Christian Meditation…


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Just spending 20 minutes a day meditating on God can change your life.


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Christian Meditation for Stress Relief and Renewing Your Mind