Christian Affirmations for Faith, Joy, and Protection CD

faith, joy, and protection affirmations



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Faith, Joy, and protection affirmations can turn your thoughts of fear to faith.  Each recording includes an introduction, optional relaxation exercise, and three sets of affirmations and scriptures read to uplifting music. Play affirmations while driving, working, cleaning, and relaxing.


The joy of the Lord is your strength. Just as our sad thoughts create unhappy emotions, our joyful thoughts create a joyful attitude. You have so much to be thankful for. Remind yourself everyday by listening to these joy and gratitude affirmations and scriptures. Sample scriptures and affirmations include:

Sample scriptures and affirmations include:

The joy of the Lord is my strength.
In God presence is fullness of joy.
Though sadness may endure for a time, joy comes in the morning.

Listen to sample:



We are to walk by faith and not by sight, but sometimes our faith gets weak and we begin to doubt God’s promises. God rewards those who walk by faith, build it today.

Sample scriptures and affirmations include:

I have faith that moves mountains.
I believe I will receive whatever I pray for.
God rewards me because I faithfully seek him.

Listen to sample:



Plagued with thoughts or feelings of injury or harm? God has given us many promises for protection and safety. Fill your mind with scriptures and affirmations that will build your trust in God as protector.

Sample scriptures and affirmations include:
No weapon formed against me or those I love shall prosper.
God who watches over me, never sleeps.
The Lord is my helper: I will not be afraid.

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