How Christian Meditation Can Restore Your Peace of Mind?

how christian meditation can help you restore your peace of mind

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” 

We are admonished by the scriptures to renew our minds by casting down every thought and imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Unfortunately, this sound a lot easier than it really is. We are bombarded daily with negative messages, circumstances, and mindsets that work against our peace of mind. We fight a daily war for our very mind and souls. Maintaining peace of mind and overcoming worry, negative thinking, and fear begins with controlling our thoughts.

Many of our false or fear-based mindsets play over and over in our heads without much notice and in many cases the thoughts we meditate on today have been around for a LONG time, maybe as far back as childhood. This often causes us to react to situations without really contemplating our actions. When we do, we’re acting out on our familiar mental and behavioral patterns. I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Well that’s just the way I am.”  What they may not understand is that, this is just the way they are choosing to be by holding onto old patterns of thinking. The good news is that we can decide to renew our minds at any time. I didn’t say it was easy, but acknowledging our stinkin’ thinking is the first step in recovery.

Starting today, you can choose thoughts that align with God’s Word and that will promote more peace, joy, contentment and faith in your life.  This comes from MEDITATING on the Messiah and His Word. He tells us that whatsoever things are true, lovely, and of a good report, think (meditate) on these things. God also said, “I will keep thee in perfect peace whose mind is stayed (focused) on me. That’s what meditating is really all about, keep our mind and heart focused on the Messiah and His Word.  By hiding God’s Word in our heart, we can walk in peace, faith, and purity.

A daily practice of meditating on God’s Word in stillness and silence is a POWERFUL combination. When our minds our quiet, receptive, and we are relaxed, we are much more open to accepting and embracing new ideas. And don’t worry about all the fear mongers and skeptics that say meditating is not of God. We’re meditating ALL DAY LONG, but often on the wrong things! Biblical meditation helps us get our minds and our bodies where they should be – meditating on God’s Word and ABIDING in his presence. Jesus said, “If you abide in me and my Word abides in you, ask for what you want and it will be given to you.”

Like I said, this is a powerful combination for transformation and renewing of the mind. Through Biblical meditation we can learn to quiet our minds and replace habitual negative and worrisome thoughts with God’s Word.

Why It Works?

As we enter into a state of mental and physical relaxation, we become much more aware of our inner chatter. This gives us an opportunity to notice the content of our mind and the quality of our thoughts. Are our thoughts filled predominately with faith, joy, and peace or the opposite, negativity, worry, and fear? Through Christian meditation, you can begin release destructive thoughts and completely eliminate or replace with God’s Word or affirmative messages of faith. With consistent practice, you’ll find that without much additional effort, you’ll begin to experience more gratitude, contentment, and overall well-being.

christian meditation and renewing the mind

Overcoming Negative Thoughts by Renewing the Mind

Christian meditation is one of the BEST tools available if you want to renew your mind or maintain peace of mind. The Bible says that we wrestle not against and blood but against principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.  Satan is in an all-out battle for our minds. This is why the scriptures tell us to bring EVERY thought under the obedience of Christ.  Therefore the greatest hindrance to our Christian walk is the condition of our mind.  Are we meditating on God and his principles of faith, love, and hope or the complete opposite, fear, doubt, and unbelief? The Bibles says that whatsoever a man thinks in his heart, so is he and a good man who thinks good thoughts, brings forth manifest he meditates on. Contrary to how some believe, everyone is meditating ALL DAY LONG... the key is to focus your mind on more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

If you aren’t controlling your very thoughts, then they are controlling you. In addition, most people usually don’t make the connection between their thoughts and emotions. They don’t realize that it is generally one pesky thought that puts them in a major funk.  However, by learning to observe our thoughts, we can learn to control them. This is why Christian meditation is so valuable, because this is EXACTLY what it will help you to do. Once you become a keen observer of the record playing in your head, you can either change or eliminate that thinking altogether. Using scriptures to drown out negative thinking is very powerful. In fact, once I became aware of my stinkin' thinking, I used this message to help me overcome years of chronic depress.  See my testimony on the About Author page.  Christian meditation helps you to become more proactive than reactive which is why it is known for helping people overcome addictions, anger, and other toxic habits or emotions. It allows you to take your power back instead of being swayed to and fro with every thought that pops or unction in your head.

So if your goal is to renew your mind or restore your peace of mind, I would recommend my step by stepChristian meditation course that will teach you all the basics, scripture, breathing, and passages for meditation. These are generally silence meditations where you just observe and let go.  You might observe your mind, your body’s sensations, noises, etc. These types of meditations teach you first how to observe and then secondly how to detach from thoughts or feelings that aren’t from the Lord or enhancing the quality of your life.

In addition to a course, I would also recommend guided Christian meditations that focus on peace of mind, negative thoughts, releasing the past, or even some Christian affirmations on topics that you might be battling with. You can play these in the background throughout the day.

My Personal Recommendations:

  • Create a Mental Gatekeeper to stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Read, Creating a Mental Gatekeeper to Stop Negative Thoughts.
  • Spend time in quiet meditation or a guided Christian meditation DAILY that focuses on peace of mind. This is one of the best ways to begin to observe your thoughts so you can take authority over them. Also, meditation is like a shower of the mind, so each time you meditation your mind gains more clarity and washes away old mindsets. In addition, through daily meditation you learn to take authority over your mind and thoughts.
  • The Best of Christian Meditation Bundle or Peace of Mind Bundle would be good choices.
  • If you feel like your life is really out of whack and you need a mental, spiritual, and physical makeover, check out my 12-week program, Help Me God Change My Life.
  • Another great tool is the 10 Day Christian Meditation Challenge to help you create a daily habit of meditation. It includes a daily devotional with guided meditations.
  • I would recommend my step by step Christian meditation course that will teach you all the basics, scripture, breathing, and passages for meditation. The course includes 17 lessons.

Some suggested meditations and affirmations: 

  • Control Negative Thoughts
  • Quieting a Restless Mind
  • Peace Meditation
  • Overcoming Restlessness,
  • Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
  • Releasing the Past
  • Power Affirmations
  • Abundantly Blessed

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christian meditation and inner healing

How Christian Meditation Promotes Inner Healing

Did you know that most of our mindsets and perspectives on life are en-grained by the time we are 6-years-old? It’s true. While in our formative years we are like little sponges, we take in EVERYTHING. Unlike adults, we don’t have filters or boundaries that protect us from situations or people that can hurt us mentally or emotionally. As we grow older, because we were not able to release these fears, pains, or phobias, we learn coping mechanisms. These pains never really went away, we just learned great ways to bury them or hid them away. However, all we need is the right trigger and those fears and toxic emotions come flooding back with a vengeance.

I’m sure you know people who just seem angry all the time. In fact, one of my 4th grade students is like that. She is ALWAYS angry and getting in confrontations about something. Do you think that behavior is going to go away when she is an adult? Not unless she learns how to release it in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt others.  Learning how to release inner hurts and pains is imperative to our spiritual growth and personal development. We really can’t grow beyond our unconscious feelings about life, ourselves, and others when we are wounded. We are not free to explore, take risks, and be vulnerable. Instead people with inner hurts tend to protect themselves at all cost. They won’t let others (even God) really in, but in the end they are hurting themselves and can end up lonely and full of despair.

During Christian meditation, just like observing our thoughts, as we become still before the Lord, these pains or memories may begin to surface. That can be really scary. Sometimes when that happens you might feel like you’re going to die or have a panic attack. This is one of the main reasons people don’t like dealing with their “stuff,” so they stay distracted instead. Those who experienced severe trauma often try to dull out their pain with food, drugs, or other destructive behaviors. They don’t want to feel. But what you can “feel” you can “heal.” Therefore, feeling the pain and seeing that you won’t die is a good thing. In fact, you’ll feel it in all its intensity and notice that it begins to fade away. I’m not saying that you can deal with all past hurts or traumas all by yourself but this coupled with a good Christian therapist or even friend can work wonders to gain your freedom again, if you are really struggling. Also, I want to let you know that healing is a process. You can't expect to meditation one, three, or five times and be completely cured. However, if you are consistent, the results will really sneak up on you.

For inner healing, I have an inner healing mini-course and meditation available. In this meditation you are actually going back to a time in your childhood while having an encounter with Christ. It is a very powerful meditation that will promote inner healing. In addition, a releasing the past meditation, in loving memory, or any other where you spend time in God’s presence can be helpful.

My Personal Recommendations:

  • If you want to know more about how Christian meditation can promote inner healing, consider my indepth virtual video e-course, The Mind, Meditation, and Inner Healing.
  • Consider the Help Me God Change my Life program which is a 12-week course that will take you on a step-by-step healing journey to wholeness.
  • Check out the Peace of Mind and Emotional Health Bundles and schedule a morning and evening meditation time.  Also consider guided healing meditations like God's Healing Light,  Divine Healing meditations, Releasing the Past, or I Forgive.
  • It's not available yet, but consider becoming a Healing Center Member that will include a variety of healing tools.
  • God is our healer but we need to submit our pain to Him. Subscribe and get a Free Copy of The Christian Meditator's Power Hour Routine. Use this as a template for your daily devotional or quiet time with God.  My Date with God Devotional Guide is similar but more indepth as it provides a more comprehensive study and many tools for healing, getting organized, and manifesting your vision.

Some suggested meditations and affirmations: 

  • Control Negative Thoughts
  • Quieting a Restless Mind
  • Peace Meditation
  • God's Healing Light
  • Diffusing Toxic Emotions
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Faith Affirmations
  • Abiding in Christ
  • In His Presence
  • I Surrender 

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Enjoy a Few Moments of Controlling Negative Thoughts Christian Meditation

Biblical Meditation Works to Restore Peace of Mind By Helping Us To:

  1. Become an observer of our minds.
  2. Learn to take authority over our thought life.
  3. Reduce internal and external distractions.
  4. Overcome compulsive thinking that leads to compulsive behaviors.
  5. Win the battle over our mind.
  6. Squash every thought that exalts itself against God’s Word.
  7. Stop striving and trust God.
  8. Break the cycle of urgency and busyness.
  9. Get our attention back on God.
  10. Hide God’s Word in our heart.
  11. Gain greater discipline.
  12. Learn to live in the present moment.

What Makes My Christian Meditations and Affirmations Different From Other Guided Meditations or Courses?

  • Soft and relaxing background music.
  • A unique focus on the Scriptures with the ultimate purpose of helping believers draw closer the the Messiah.
  • Meditations and Affirmations specifically created for believers.
  • Contains a guided progress relaxation to melt away stress as you dwell in the Most High's Presence.
  • An emphasis on inner healing that allows believers to surrender and cast ALL their hurts, cares, and burdens on our Savior.
  • Believers never have to worry about whether they're compromising their faith.
  • Over 10 years of experience creating Biblical meditations and similar products that have changed the lives of tens of thousands of users.

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