Welcome:  Building a Foundation

Thank you for signing up the Building a Christian Meditation Foundation Mini-Series Course. This mini-series course is designed to create a interactive Christian meditation experience by providing you with topic specific information, a guided meditation, as well as journaling and practical activities. These will help you to obtain the benefits you desire.

In this mini-series you will be learning and receiving:

  • Laying a Foundation and Opening Guided Christian Meditation
  • Creating an Altar to the Lord
  • Meditation Basics and Tips
  • Setting Intentions and Understanding Spiritual Anchors
  • Christian Meditation Myths
  • Common Questions and Answers
  • Creating a Morning Ritual
  • Creating a Meditation Prayer Room or Area in Your Home
  • Get Your Started with a Morning Stretch (Videos)
  • Video Teaching and Healing Meditation
  • Course Wrap Up

Please join the Abiding in Christ  FB closed group to have access to updates, posts, and live FB chats to help you grow even more as a Christian Meditator. You can also join Christians Who Meditate.

A Few Pointers:

Please try to work through each unit in order before moving on the the next, as they build upon one another.  I would like to encourage you to create a schedule for doing the lessons. You can do one lesson a day or maybe even alternate days.

You will notice that many of the lessons have journaling questions or assignments. Please don't skip these. I want you to get the full benefit of this course and by doing the assignments, you take ownership of your healing and the process. It's important to move past your head into your heart for real change.

If you have any questions, please send them to thechristianmeditator@yahoo.com.  You will notice that each module includes a Q and A section.  Whenever I get questions, I will add them to these sections as well.

Thanks so much for sharing this Christian Meditation journey with me and others. I look forward meditating with you.

Blessings, Rhonda

Please begin each day (or whatever time that you can) with the guided meditation below.

This Week's Opening Guided Meditation: Sacred Word

Description: With a sacred word meditation (sometimes referred to as a mantra), you choose an inspirational word or phrase as your anchor. You will learn more about anchors in more detail, but essentially an anchor keeps you firmly grounded to the present moment rather than letting your mind drift aimlessly in a sea of thoughts.

Biblically speaking, God said He is the great “I AM,” meaning He is in the here and now, and not the past or future. God wants us to access Him in each and every moment by seeking and connecting to His presence. Though some of the meditations may not seem particularly “Christian”  their goal is to teach you how to be one with Christ in mind, body, and Spirit. Training our minds to subdue and eliminate incessant, destructive, and unproductive thinking (that exalts itself against the knowledge of God) is the first step to freedom from mental bondage. This will open the door to a greater capacity to experience God in your day to day live.

When to Use: Stress relief, quieting the mind, controlling thoughts, improving concentration and your ability to focus, and creating a greater space for God’s love and presence.

Module # 2

December 17, 2017