Unit # 6 - End of Unit Wrap Up

On day ONE of this meditation exercise, you answered the journaling questions below. For the end of unit wrap up, ask yourself the journaling questions AGAIN and see if your answers are any different.

  1. What were your most dominating thoughts during the meditation?
  2. How difficult was it to let go of the thought and bring your attention back to your breath?
  3. Were there any particular thoughts, sounds, or sensations that you wanted to hold onto and take ownership of? If so, why do you think this occurred?
  4. What have you learned about yourself and your thoughts from this meditation practice today?
  5. Did you discover that you are easily distracted by your thoughts or that you have greater control than you realized?
  6. Which thoughts and feelings were more difficult to accept without judgment?
  7. Observe your thoughts during the day as you continue with your everyday life. Note your experiences.

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions that you'd like answered? Please submit questions to thechristianmeditator@yahoo.com. You're questions (first come, first served) will be answered via the live conference call that is scheduled monthly.  I will also add new meditation questions to the weekly Q and A sections and more general questions to FAQ (if urgent, I will reply to your email.) Thanks!

    End of Module # 1 - Please Share!

    You did it! You made it through Module # 1 of this course. That is quite an accomplishment especially if you did the meditation and journaling exercises each day. So how do you feel thus far? Are you noticing any changes to your thinking, thought patterns, or actually just noticing the thoughts (as well as the feelings and sensations) running rampant in your head? It can be pretty eye opening.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences as you dive into establishing a Christian meditation practice. If you have Facebook, please share any inspirations or aspects of your journey in our private "Christians Who Meditate" Group Page.

    Are you Ready for Module # 2?

    Please note that Module #2 will open up on the 7th day after you started the course. If you try to access before the Module opens, you'll get a Content Not Available message. 

    If you finished the course early, please continue to do the daily meditation until you can begin the next module.

    Module # 1

    December 17, 2017