Unit # 1 - Pre-course Questionnaires & Opening Guided Meditation

Please download and complete the attach questionnaires below BEFORE starting the guided meditation.

Observing the Breath Meditation

Instructions: Please do the Observing the Breath Meditation at least one time a day until the next meditation is available. The best time to meditate is in the morning when you are a fresh and awake, but if that is not possible, do later in  the day. Please avoid doing the meditation too close to bedtime, unless you are listening in order to fall asleep.

Description: The Observing Your Thoughts Meditation is a technique that will allow you to become the outside observer of your thoughts without getting entangled with them or attaching any emotion to them.  You will be looking at the thoughts in your head just like you are looking at images on a movie screen or words on a chalkboard. You will become a silent witness. This is a powerful meditation because it will allow you to see your prominent thinking patterns (which are highly repetitive). You will also learn from this meditation that you can observe your thoughts without partnering with them. For example, if you have thoughts of fear or anger, just notice them without allow them to overtake you.

When to Use: When you need to detach from negative thoughts and emotions, restore your peace of mind, reduce stress, control unwanted repetitive thinking or mind patterns, and clear the mind for greater awareness of God, His voice and His presence.


    • Christian Mindfulness Questionnaire
      Christian Mindfulness Questionnaire

      Please download and take this questionnaire prior to beginning the course to measure your level of mindfulness regarding your day-to-day affairs. Keep in a folder or someplace safe so you can refer to it at a later date.

    • Perceived Stress Assessment
      Perceived Stress Assessment

      Please download and take the Perceived Stress Assessment prior to beginning the course to measure your current stress levels. Keep in a folder or someplace safe so you can refer to it at a later date.

    Module # 1

    December 17, 2017

    Journaling Activity

    On day one of this meditation exercise, answer the journaling questions below. Please do the meditation at least once per day. Each day, record any new insights or inspirations in your journal. On the seventh day, ask yourself the journaling questions AGAIN and see if your answers are any different.

    1. What were your most dominating thoughts during the meditation?
    2. How difficult was it to let go of the thought and bring your attention back to your breath?
    3. Were there any particular thoughts, sounds, or sensations that you wanted to hold onto and take ownership of? If so, why do you think this occurred?
    4. What have you learned about yourself and your thoughts from this meditation practice today?
    5. Did you discover that you are easily distracted by your thoughts or that you have greater control than you realized?
    6. Which thoughts and feelings were more difficult to accept without judgment?
    7. Observe your thoughts during the day as you continue with your everyday life. Note your experiences.