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Getting Started

Welcome to my Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation Course, an online program and powerful tool that will renew your mind and help you grow closer to God than you ever thought possible. Throughout the duration of this self-directed course, you will learn how to overcome today’s toughest meditation barriers, from fear-based thoughts all the way to simply falling asleep during meditation (trust me—it happens!).

The course includes 10 weekly lesson modules as well as 3 bonus modules.  Modules 1 and 2 will give you a background regarding Christian meditation and things you need to know and do that will help you create a meaningful and fluent practice. In addition, all modules include a guided meditation that I encourage you to do every day when you first get up, during your quiet time with God, or even at the end of your day.

In Modules 3-10 you will begin to learn a variety of Christian meditation techniques to help you gain mastery over your mind, promote healing, reduce stress, meditate on God's Word and draw closer to Him. In addition, I have incorporated lots of valuable information that will help to enhance your meditation goals. These includes videos, articles, and even ebooks that go into greater depth and give you insight into some of our greatest spiritual challenges. Each week will includes a journaling assignment or two, and you are encouraged to practice the meditation (for that week) each day for optimal results. At the end of each unit I will provide some additional questions and answers that often come up when learning how to meditate. The goal is to become familiar with a variety of methods and techniques so you have a box of tools available to you.

Module 10, includes both a lesson and the course wrap up that gives you some practical tips on how to incorporate Christian meditation into your quiet  or devotional time with God.

During this course you are sure to have lots of questions? Maybe you have tried to meditate before and felt like a complete failure! If you are not sure how to meditate, feel like you’re not doing it right, need some extra help or guidance, this course is for you.  If you’ve been interested in Christian meditation but lacked the discipline or knowledge to move forward, this course will show you how.

As you progress through each lesson,  you will learn so much! Things like, how to bring every thought captive to Christ, how to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and how to stop being a “Christian-doing” and become a “Christian-being,” and how to seek God as your primary source and strength.

God’s ultimate desire is to work through us, but that can only happen as we become more intimately acquainted and surrendered to Him.   I’ll take you step by step, and by the end of this course, you will be meditating like an expert, really!

Are you ready to discover the transformative power of Christ-centered meditation? If so, you can get started today!

Be sure to tell your friends, church members, and family and encourage them to sign up and go through the course with you. This is an endeavor we can all do together and support one another along the way.

During this 10-week Course here is what you can expect to learn:

  • You’ll learn the spiritual benefits of Christ-Centered meditation- I go in detail using the scriptures to show how a consistent meditation practice using the meditations taught in the course will enhance your relationship with God and promote spiritual growth.
  • You’ll learn the significance of building an altar to the Lord (or a sacred space) and how to create your own.
  • You’ll learn meditation basics and tips to get the most out of each of the meditation lessons.
  • You’ll learn why setting an intention for your meditation practice is so important and how to create an intention that will get results.
  • You’ll learn why you need a spiritual anchor when you meditate and the variety of anchors available to you.
  • You’ll learn 3 relaxation techniques that will promote peace and calm prior to each meditation.
  • You’ll read common meditation questions and answers and myths to avoid.
  • You’ll learn how to extend your meditation practice and turn it into a fulfilling devotional time with God.

The course also includes  guided Christ-centered meditations that will help you to:

  • Enter into God’s presence
  • Become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit
  • Release your cares to the Lord
  • Wash away toxic emotions
  • Promote inner and emotional healing
  • Heal relationships and build compassion
  • Become better acquainted with yourself
  • Promote physical health and well-being
  • Take authority over your thought-life

What you need to complete this course:

• Loose, comfortable clothing
• Regular time and place for practice each day
• A meditation journal or diary

* Your meditation journal is ESSENTIAL. You will use the journal to track your progress as well as record your inspirations and write thoughts and answers to the journaling questions that will be presented with each lesson. I would recommend that you select a journal that you really like and will want to write in each day. You can also use a notebook.  To make writing more fun and easier, invest in a selection of good easy writing pens. I love writing with pens that seem to just float on the paper.

How the course works:

Course Procedures
Each week the next module will be available in the member area in the form of a lesson, downloadable PDF documents, audio files, journal activities, personal and spiritual growth assignments, and occasional videos. The materials will include some foundation information along with an assignment consisting of a meditation to practice. You can easily access the course materials through a variety of electronic devices including your mobile phone. It's as simple as logging in.

You can access the weekly modules by clicking on the unit titles in the side bar table of content.

Q and A Support
Once per month for the duration of the course you are given opportunity to have your questions answered during a live Q and A conference call. Each Q and A call is recorded so that if you aren’t able to attend, you can listen to the recording in the Q and A Archive (will be added to the menu bar).

Please submit your questions at least 24 hours prior to the live call. They will be answered on a first come, first served basis. Submit questions via email. You will find this in the member support area.

Technical support and other questions:

If you have any further questions please use our support desk at or send an email directly to I will try to answer all questions within 24 hours.


Christian Meditation is an experience that has a tremendous amount of benefits and can literally change your life, but it can only be realized by DOING & BEING. It can’t be learned by reading a book, watching a video or even listening to a teacher – your personal practice is ESSENTIAL if you want to see results. Therefore, if you want to see positive changes, REGULAR PRACTICE is a must.   Realistically, to see the results you want, you are going to need to put aside around 20-30 minutes each day.

I suggest finding time either early in the morning or during the day rather than leaving it until the last thing at night when you may be too tired to get the most from the exercises.

God Bless You as We Take This Journey Together,


December 17, 2017