Welcome: Inner Healing

Thank you for signing up the Christian Meditation and Inner Healing Mini-Series Course. This mini-series course is designed to create a interactive Christian meditation experience by providing you with topic specific information, a guided meditation, as well as journaling and practical activities. These will help you to obtain the benefits you desire.

In this mini-series you will be learning and receiving:

  • Inner Healing Part 1
  • Inner Healing Part 2
  • Inner Healing Part 3
  • Guided Inner Healing Christian Meditation
  • 3 Binding Prayers
  • Q and A
  • Course Wrap Up

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A Few Pointers:

Please try to work through each unit in order before moving on the the next, as they build upon one another.  I would like to encourage you to create a schedule for doing the lessons. You can do one lesson a day or maybe even alternate days.

You will notice that many of the lessons have journaling questions or assignments. Please don't skip these. I want you to get the full benefit of this course and by doing the assignments, you take ownership of your healing and the process. It's important to move past your head into your heart for real change.

If you have any questions, please send them to thechristianmeditator@yahoo.com.  You will notice that each module includes a Q and A section.  Whenever I get questions, I will add them to these sections as well.


Thanks so much for sharing this Christian Meditation journey with me and others. I look forward meditating with you.

Blessings, Rhonda

If you can feel it, you can heal it

Have you ever beat up on yourself for feeling angry, sad, jealous, or frustrated? Many of us have. We've been told that certain emotions and feelings are bad, so instead of seeking healing at a deeper level, we often quickly brush the feelings aside.

It's okay to feel what you feel, in fact, getting in touch with your inner workings reduces stress and promotes well-being.  More importantly, how you respond to your feelings can move you towards healing and transformation or bitterness and rage. Emotions and feelings are the thermostat of the soul; when they get too hot or cold, with awareness, we can adjust them to a more comfortable setting: peace, joy, and harmony.

Some easy and healthy ways to tune down raging or uncomfortable emotions might be to take some deep breaths, walk around the block, meditate or pray, or just turn circumstances over to Jesus. Then the next step, which is equally important, is to let them go. If not, they can affect your physical health and destroy your pure heart and peace of mind. Therefore, acknowledge your pain and then use whatever tools available to you to restore your mental and emotional well-being and harmony within.

    Module # 5

    December 17, 2017