Christian Meditation: The Key to a Successful and Enjoyable Christian Life

by Kenneth Smith

Meditation is the key to a successful and enjoyable Christian life. While we strife to make it through each day, each week, each month, each year, we find that it is harder to keep our Christianity alive. One way to do this is through meditation. There are various meditative techniques; however, a person cannot place one technique over another one.

Oftentimes, the best meditative technique is a combination of more than one technique.
After a long, hard day, it is relaxing to just sit and meditate upon what God has done for me. The Scripture says “Be Still and know that I am God.” Too often in our lives, we are too busy to be still for anything, much less for God to make Himself known to us. When we take time to meditate, we are allowing several things to occur simultaneously. First, we are allowing our body to rest. We have only this one body, and we need to keep it as healthy as possible. With meditation, we are giving our body an opportunity to rest and recuperate from the day’s activities. Our breathing slows, our heart rate slows, and our mind slows; this allows for the body to heal itself. Secondly, as we meditate, we allow our mental capabilities to relax. We have given our mind a “run for its money” during the day, and during time of meditation, we allow all the anxieties and frustrations of the day to leave our mind as we concentrate on God’s goodness towards us during the day. As our mind relaxes, we may even be able to solve problems because we do not feel rushed and as we meditate (especially mindfulness meditation), we can allow our thoughts to come to the surface without being judgmental, and we can focus on only one issue or idea (concentrative meditation) which can be either a religious concept or a secular concept.

Whichever the case may be, we can allow our mind to focus on ONE concept instead of many at one time. Thirdly, meditation allows the Christian to grow spiritually. Spirituality is the all-important ingredient for a happy life. Through meditation, a person can concentrate on Scripture or a spiritual thought and allow that Scripture and thought to minister to him. This aspect of meditation allows a person to move from the physical realm into the spiritual realm to focus on the spiritual – the eternal part of our life.

After participating in a meditative technique, a Christian feels revived and prepared to face whatever the world may throw his way. “With God, all things are possible.” It is possible because we are refreshed and focused on the Almighty. Without meditation, a Christian can become tired and weary, which will make for a useless Christian. Christ needs people who are spiritually connected to Him and who has the strength to carry on the Great Commission: Go and Tell. Meditation allows for Christian to have on the full armor of God and to exercise the Fruit of the Spirit. Also, through meditation, the gifts of the Spirit can also become more influential in a person’s life.

Meditation is the Christian’s way of becoming more spiritual and moving closer to God. Through meditation, the Christian is benefited by allowing the body to rest, the mind to relax, and the spirit to revive. Humanity is composed of three dimensions – mind, body, and spirit – and meditation allows each dimension to become rejuvenated.

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