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Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Meditation

What is Christian Meditation?
What are the benefits of Christian meditation?
Is it ungodly for Christians to meditate?
Why do Christians need to control their thoughts?
What is the History of Christian Meditation?
What should I do after the meditation end?
My mind begins to wander off, what should I do?
Why do you encourage deep breathing exercises?
I am plagued with uncontrollable and raging thoughts almost constantly. What should I do?
How often should I listen to the meditations?

Membership Questions

How do I cancel my yearly download membership to The Christian meditator?
Can I get a membership refund?
Didn't get username and password?

Downloading Questions

To Watch Video Tutorials on Opening Mp3 Zip Files and Burning to a CD Please Click Here.

Can I download meditations to my ipod?
How do I download an MP3?

Problems Ordering with PayPal

I want to use my credit card to order, how can I bypass Paypal?
I'm Still Having Ordering Problems, Can I Order Over the Phone or By Mail?