Help Me God Change My Life Program – Transform Your Life!

Are You Ready to Detox Your Life from the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Toxins That May Be Blocking God’s Promises & Blessings in Your Life?

help me god change my life

Help Me God Change My Life will help you to:


* Develop a Growing and Thriving Relationship with God.

* Free Your Mind from Worry & Negative Thinking.

* Eat Better, Lose Weight, & Restore Your Health.

* Discover Your Purpose and Pursue Your Vision.

* Turn Your Home in Your Haven.

* Create Time to Live the Life You REALLY Want.

* Heal Close Relationships and/or Attract New Love


Are You Ready to Detox Your Life!- Hebrews 12: 1 declares, “Let us throw off (detox ourselves from) everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles (contaminates) and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, let us keep our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.”
help me godDear Christian Friend,

2 Peter 1:3, promises, “His (God’s) divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”  Unfortunately, many Christians are not realizing this promise. I receive emails and talk to Christians regularly who are filled with fear, worry, depression, and more. They have lost the joy and purpose for their life and they don’t know where to turn to get it back.

Some well-meaning Christians would just tell them to pray harder or to go to church more, and more than likely, they already have. I prayed for four-long years for God to heal me from a constant battle with depression. I sought counseling. I even took medication. Nothing had any lasting results.

Then one miraculous day, in the still small voice of my heart, the Holy Spirit told me that the reason I was so depressed was a result of the negative, fear-based, and destructive thoughts that I was constantly thinking without even realizing it. These were the mental toxins that were interfering with my peace of mind and joy in the Lord.

Immediately, I went to work on eliminating my destructive mental chatter and mind patterns, but it wasn’t easy. I truly believe that mastery of the mind is the only road to true freedom in Christ. That is where our battle lies, right between our own ears. This is where the conflicts of the spirit and the flesh war against each other, and it’s a daily battle; however, we can become strengthened in this fight so that the battles, and our victory, can be quick and swift instead of constant long and drawn out wars!

If you’re life is not generally (we all have our bad days) characterized by peace, joy, purpose, health, direction, and contentment, it has more to do with the mental, emotional, and physical toxins that YOU have allowed to steal God’s promises of peace, joy, health and well-being from operating in your life and less to do with your circumstances and what’s happening around you.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:22-23, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!
Let me ask you an important question, “Are there areas in your life that are filled with darkness and blocking God’s love, light, and promises from shining through?” If so, you CAN do something about it, starting today.

This program will help you to embark on a new journey, to eliminate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical toxins that are ruining your life. As you complete each day of this journey, you will see old habits and mindsets peel away and make room for a brand new you, a more centered and healthier you. As you let go of the old in your life, you open the door to attracting what truly nourishes your heart, mind, and spirit.

The 10- Week  Biblically-based Program is Designed to Create More Health,  Balance, and Wholeness to the Seven Core Areas of your Life.


What makes this program different!

There are many great self help books on the market but what makes Help Me God! Change My Life Program unique is that it  integrates Biblical meditation (which encourages change at a subconscious level) along with daily spiritual lessons and diving deeper exercises. Too often we fail at change because we try to use our will and intellect, but that’s what got us where we are in the first place! We need the transformative power of God’s presences to heal and change us at our core or inner-being.  In addition, these bit-size lessons bring about transformation in a natural progression, as each lesson builds upon the others.

What Amazon Readers are Saying:


Rhonda Jones and her work is amazing, and changing the lives of so many. I was originally looking for some “Christian” Meditations to do, to calm me, and I stumbled onto her This book will change your outlook on life. It offers hope and prayer to the hurt and hopeless. “Help Me God! Change My Life” will do that exactly for you! So much help, I couldn’t wait to do this every day….ready to start it again soon, and even going to set up a meditation room, just like Rhonda suggested. Can’t wait. Enjoy, and get ready to be transformed! – Marcia Crafter

Great way to plan your day!
I have seen a lot of meditation tools out there, this one is the best as far as I am concerned. It is based only on the word of God and it opens up things to you, you haven’t thought of or in such a different light, you actually start to see answers. I have been able to change things about me I never thought I could change. If you are a new Christian or one who needs a real plan to make changes in your life, this is your way to get that plan working. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand what true mediation and change is without the struggles of trying to overcome things in your own ability. God never intended it to be that way.- Jeff, Alabama

Changed My Life!
I have just completed this book and it truly has changed my life. It has deepened my relationship with God and we are now about to use it in a woman’s group in our church…. absolutely love it! I will be starting it all over in a couple weeks and I can’t wait. The ladies in our church are so anxious to begin. It is a beautiful journey… highly recommend it. For those of you who have a hard time meditating and staying focus I definitely recommend the guided meditations. – Karen

Simply Amazing!

I loved it the title alone got my attention being a grateful anal cancer survivor I have often asked for god to change my life and help me make something positive out of going through this rare cancer. – censational 


Help Me God Change My Life Daily Lesson Sample

  •     Read the Daily Lesson
  •     Meditate on the Word of God
  •     Prayer or reading of Psalms to invite God into quiet time
  •     20-Minutes of Guided Christian Meditation (scripts, cd, or downloads available)
  •     Complete the Diving Deeper Lesson
  •     Journal
  •     Completing Daily Schedule, Add to Project List, Add to Weekly
  •    Schedule 


Take a Quick Glance & See What’s Inside:


Program Overview

Help Me God! Change My Life Contract

Getting Started: Prior to Day 1

detox your mind


Day 1- Understanding Your Thoughts
Day 2 – Awakening Your Inner Spirit
Day 3 – Understanding Your Emotions
Day 4 – Eliminating Toxic Emotions
Day 5 – Putting Off The Old Self
Day 6 – Discovering Your Emotional Bent
Day 7 – Create a Mental Gate-Keeper
Day 8 – Keep the Sabbath
Day 9 -Live in the Present Moment
Day 10 – What You Say is What You Get
Day 11 -Casting Every Care on God
Day 12 – Dealing with Depression
Day 13 – Emotional Freedom Technique
Day 14 – Releasing the Past
Day 15 – Forgiving Yourself
Day 16 – Forgiving Others
Day 17 – Let God Do the Judging
Day 18 – Healthy Habits Equal a Healthy Life
Day 19 – Be in the World But Not of the World

detox your spirit


Day 20 – Receiving God’s Love
Day 21 – Make Jesus Christ the Lord of Your Life
Day 22 – Start a Spiritual Journal
Day 23 – Create a Holy Altar or Sacred Space for God
Day 24 – Confess Your Sins So You Will Healed
Day 25 – Practicing the Art of Being
Day 26 – Surrendering All to God
Day 27 – Developing Your Inner Spirit
Day 28 – Live By Faith
Day 29 – Become a Giver
Day 30 – Rooting Out Restlessness
Day 31 – Living Free From Fear
Day 32 – Plugging up the Gaps
Day 32 – Spend Time in Silence and Solitude
Day 34 – Guarding Your Heart
Day 35 – Deliverance from Unclean Spirits
Day 36 – Practice Non Resistance
Day 37 – Dwelling in God’s Presence Purifies Our Heart
Day 38 – He Did Not Waver in Unbelief
Day 39 – Plan a Day with God










Day 40 – A Journey to Wellness
Day 41 – Does Your Diet Consist of Real Food?

Day 42 – Food is Your Best Medicine
Day 43 – Taking Inventory of Your Health
Day 44 – Internal Cleaning: Taking Care of Your Colon
Day 45 – Overcoming Emotional Eating
Day 46 – My Food Log and Schedule
Day 47 – Your 8 Day Detox Diet
Day 48 – Eliminate Toxins Through Dry Brushing
Day 49 – Get Moving
Day 50 – Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle



Day 52 – Do You Have a Clutter Problem?
Day 53 – Purifying Your Home
Day 54 – Getting Organized
Day 55 – Clearing Clutter Fast
Day 56 – Eliminate Toxic Chemicals
Day 57 – 5 Fast, Easy Instant Home Makeovers



Day 58 – Understanding Your Real Enemy
Day 59 – Am I REALLY Ready for a Relationship?
Day 60 – Are you in a Toxic Relationship?
Day 61 – Recognizing Toxic Emotions in You or Your Partner
Day 62 – Cultivating Healthy Relationships
Day 63 – What is Standing in the Way of Love?
Day 64 – Building a Healthy Relationship with Yourself First
Day 65 – A God’s Eye View to Love and Relationship
Day 66 – Let The Path Define Your Next Step

emotional healing bundle


Day 67 – Get off the Treadmill
Day 68 – Creating a Life of Balance
Day 69 – Refine Your Daily Routine
Day 70 – Filling the Voids in Your Life
Day 71 – Tips to Overcome Procrastination
Day 72 – Streamline Your Time
Day 73- Work Smarter, Not Harder


hristian meditation power vision


Day 74- Make God Your CEO
Day 75 – Let Love Be Your Motivation
Day 76 – Discovering Your Purpose
Day 77 – Creating Your Governing Values
Day 78 – Every Christian Needs a Vision
Day 79 – Get Clear on What You Want From God
Day 80 – Put Some Things on God’s To-Do List
Day 81 – Detox Your Finances by Creating a Budget
Day 82 – Keeping It All In Perspective
Day 83 – Christians and the Law of Attraction
Day 84 – Are You Enjoying the Journey of Your Life?
Day 85 – What I Feel Versus What I Know
Day 86 – Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work

Appendix 337
Creating Your Own EFT Script
Christian Meditation Scripts
Scheduling Forms
Bibliography 369


Christian Meditation is an Integral Part of the Help Me God! Change My Life Program

Help me God Companion CDTrue and lasting change begins in the heart. It requires not only changing our actions but changing our thoughts.  Jesus told us that we must cast down every thought and imagination and bring it under the authority of Christ. Until we can master our thoughts, we can’t master our lives. Christ-centered meditation allows the transformative power of God to bring permanent and lasting change. The CD includes the following three meditations:

# 1- Change Your Life Meditation
# 2- Tear Down the Walls Meditation
# 3- Lord Purify My Heart Meditation

Each meditation includes:

  • A progressive relaxation
  • Soft and relaxing music
  • A scriptural narrative
  • Uplifting Bible affirmations

Christian Meditation Descriptions & Listen to Samples

#1- “Change Your Life Meditation” Instructions

The Change Your Life Meditation is a Scripture Meditation where you silently and very slowly repeat a passage of scriptures associated with the lessons. This meditation method is effective for learning to control your thoughts, quiet your mind, and plant God’s word in your heart. ( 24:52 minutes)

# 2- “Tearing Down the Walls” Meditation

This meditation will help you to identify the walls or obstacles in your life that are keep you from reaching your potential in Christ. In the meditation, you will face your mountains and command them to move out of your way. (20:00 minutes)

# 3- “Lord Purify My Heart” Meditation

In this meditation, you will take a visit to a cottage which represents your unconscious mind, and with the help of an angel and Jesus, you will learn how to wipe away your guilt, regret, fears, destructive emotions, memories, and obstacles( the darkness in your life), that you have been carrying around like a ball and chain for maybe days, months, and probably years. As you identify and eliminate these darkness places from your heart, you will gain true freedom in Christ. (21:21 minutes)


About the Author

Rhonda Jones is the creator of the award-winning website The Christian Meditator and creator of 25 Christian Meditation, Relaxation, and Affirmation Cds. She is also Christian meditation coach, workshop and retreat facilitator.




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1. Digital Ebook and 3 Meditations Downloads

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Allow 10-14 days delivery for book and cd orders.


Read MORE  Customer Reviews About Help Me God Change My Life:

“Rhonda, Thank you for producing this wonderful work I’m enjoying going through each lesson. I would like to share this with my daughter who really needs a personal relationship with God.”
* * * * * *

“I began my Detox series today. So far LOVING IT! Thanks so much.”
* * * * * *

“I LOVE your program. Honestly, I am really impressed with the ministry GOD has give you and it is blessing so many.”
* * * * * *

“I am benefiting from the Detox program. Your insights and guidance are much appreciated.”
* * * * * *

“I am breaking through my blocks to relationship and joyful obedience to our God. I am realizing how good God is and I see my relationship and obligations as a positive and desirable thing rather than something I have to do or else.”
* * * * * *

“I’m on day 10 now and LOVE IT. I’ve feel like I have a tool to correct the ungodly negativity and implement God’s word and love into my life. It’s helped me become aware of His presence in and around me at all times. Such a peaceful yet powerful resource to have.”


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