Hire Rhonda for Your Next Event- Christian Speaker, Meditation, or Demo

Bring Rhonda to your next event, workshop, or meeting.

Looking for a Christian speaker or workshop presenter for your upcoming event? If you are interested in promoting health and wellness through the practice of Christian yoga or Christian meditation, Rhonda is available for:

* Workshops or presentations on topics of mental, physical, and spiritual health.
* Teaching Christian meditation for stress relief, peace of mind, and greater intimacy with God.
* Opening meetings with group Christian meditation.
* Christian yoga demonstrations for strength, flexibility, and relaxation.
* Available for youth and adult events.

Fees: For mini-workshops, demonstrations, and presentations within the Sacramento area,  the cost is usually free, donations are welcomed. Must be allowed to bring promotional materials and/or products for sale. Please inquire regarding any cost if your event is out of the Sacramento area.

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Workshop Testimonials (Click to Open)

Presentation and Workshop Topics:

    • Art, Christian Yoga, and Meditation:
    • Meditate Your Way to a Happier, Holier, and Healthier Life
    • A Date with God: Turn Your Daily Devotional to a Hour of Power
    • Christian Yoga Basics
    • Vision Power
    • Let Love In
    • Spiritual Journaling
    • Winning the Battle for your Mind
    • Pulling Down Strongholds
    • God’s Original Eating Plan
    • Total Mess to Total Rest
    • Girlfriend Getaway Pajama Party

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