Meditation Prayer Room or Quiet Space in Your Home

 creating a prayer room

by Guest Writer Lynnis Woods Mullins

Having a quiet place within your home where you can go and meditate, pray, write in your journal, and just have quiet time is important. If you have some extra space in your house or an actual room you can use, try some of these ideas to create a meditation prayer room for  your “safe haven” of peace and tranquility.

Things You’ll Need:

    • space within your home that will allow for quite time
    • a spare room you can use
    • candles
    • chair
    • pillows and throws
    • personal items that have significance to you
    • a small table
    • CD player
    • your favorite books on personal development, prayer, meditation, poetry, or other books that bring you a sense of peace
    • shelf for your books
    • plant

Steps to creating your meditation prayer room:

1.      A comfortablmeditation prayer roome chair or small sofa is inviting and relaxing.  Select a comfortable chair or an easy chair to place in the room or space you have identified. If you have room a small sofa is always nice to have in the room for lounging or even a quick doze. The furniture you place in this room should be comfortable for reading and journaling also.

 2.      Screens not only add beauty to your space but also create sense of privacy.  To warm up the room place a rug on the floor or over the carpet that may already be there to warm up the room or space to give it a feeling of coziness. You can also ad a screen to section off a part of the room to make your space more private and intimate.

3. Pillows help to create comfort and are also functional for those who wish to sit on the floor .  If you have other pillow place them strategically in the room for those times when you may want to site on the floor with others during prayer, mediation or conversation. 

4.  The prayer or meditation table is very personal. The table will have on it what is most significant to you.Find a table and cover it with a table cloth of your choosing. This will be your prayer table. What is placed on your prayer table is very personal . Generally people place a bible and/or mediation book , their personal journal, pictures of loved ones they are praying for, a small lamp, and other mementos that hold significant spiritual value. 

5. Put your signature of who you are or want to be on your wall. It is your focal point and also provides space for the many books you will begin to collect for your prayer room /space, On your walls you may want to place paintings or pictures that are symbolic or are meaning full to you. For instance I have placed paintings on my wall that reflect my culture heritage, and beliefs. Your walls should reflect your dreams, aspirations and hopes. It all depends on your personality and also what puts you in a place of peace and reflection.

6.  Music is always soothing to your soul. Get a CD player and start playing some of your most favorite and inspiration music. Check out our large variety of Christian meditation CDs, downloads, and courses.

7. Placing candles in your room will add the calm and quiet to your room. It is always nice to have candles that have a relaxing scent such as lavender or sandalwood.

More Tips for Creating  Prayer Room:

  1. You will add to or take always items for your prayer and/or meditation prayer room whenever the mood strikes you – and that is all right. Your room will evolve just as you evolve.
  2.  If you decide to paint neutral colors or earth tones are always nice colors to start with…or you may be like me and decide to paint one accent wall a deep purple which stands for “royalty”. No I am not royalty but I am trying to start treating myself better – learning to appreciate myself with the help of my prayer and meditation prayer room .
  3. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your special room. It may take awhile – go with what your feeling at the time when you are working on your room. It is therapeutic, and cathartic. You will get great pleasure in creating something for yourself that has special significance to you and in some cases only you.
  4. Be careful with the candles – always blow them out when you leave a meditation prayer room .

Having a meditation prayer room will encourage you to spend time with God and encourage your spirits.

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Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a good friend of mine and  the founder of Praiseworks and a health and wellness company. Its mission is to educate individuals on wellness and fitness through holistic practices that meet the needs of the mind, body and spirit.  Praiseworks  goal is to meet the often unmet or underserved health and wellness needs of women, with an emphasis on enhancing their lives and helping them meet their health and wellness goals. Visit Praiseworks dot biz. 

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