Joyce Meyers: Spending Time with God

Excerpt from Hearing God’s Voice by Joyce Meyers on Spending Time with God

“There are thousands of people in the church today who are in this overworked and under fed condition.  People want to have a power relationship with God and have done everything that so called religion has told them to do and yet they find themselves empty.

In their desire to please God they have replaced seeking God with working for Him. God wants us to do kingdom works which are things he leads us to do but he does not want us to be busy in religious activity thinking He is pleased with our sacrifices which he didn’t ask us to make.

How can people do the works of God if they have not taken time to hear from Him regarding what they should do.  The Bible says that we must be born again, it doesn’t say that we must be religious.  We must let Jesus sit on the throne of our hearts to rule and reign over every step we take.

When he tells us to go a certain direction he will also issue to us the power we need to do what He has told us to do.  The greatest hindrance to hearing from God is trying to get to Him through works instead of a personal relationship with Him by being born again and fellowshipping with Him regularly.

People can go to church for years and do religious things all their life without ever knowing Jesus as the Lord of their life.  People can be doing good works and yet disregarding God’s command if they are not taking the time to spend with him and hear his instructions.”- Joyce Me

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