Christian Meditation: The Opposite of Eastern Religions



Meditation for Christians is almost the complete opposite to meditation in the Eastern religions. Meditation for a Christian is not emptying your mind but filling your mind with God’s word.

Meditation on God’s word is a necessity for a healthy Christian life. The way it is done is simple. A Christian should find a quiet place where he can shut out the business of the day. He or she should take a Bible and read a portion of God’s word. She should then begin to mull over that portion, questioning it in order to extract the meaning and application.
Meditation on God’s word is very similar to preaching a sermon, except your own heart is the congregation. Ask the text what it meant when it was originally written. Ask the text what it teaches about God, about his character and his purposes in the world. Ask what it says about Jesus and his work of salvation. Ask what it says about how you should live in this world to please God.

When you have decided what it means, respond in prayer. Ask forgiveness if you have fallen short in the past, praise God for who is is and what he has done, ask him for the help of the Holy Spirit to respond in obedience to what you have learned.
Christian meditation is simply and interactive personal study of the Bible, it is receiving spiritual food to grow in our relationship with the Lord.

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