Vision Power! It Will Come to Pass

by Peter Lawson 

”Vision is your ability to see and also the intuitive discernment that assists, in your acquisition of your prospective future. Vision creates an in-depth desire of accomplishments; it brings with it hope, desire drive, determination, dreams, and the chances of success. When others are afraid of changes you anticipate them. It’s your mental picture of your unseen future, it also triggers the power that lies within the confines of your mechanical ability to act the impossible done, the worst that could happen to an individual is for him/her to live without a vision.

Vision-power is the unexplained compulsive strength (inner or otherwise) and energy that drives us to follow our vision irrespective of the odds, towards completion and bringing it to reality. It is very possible for one to have a vision but no power. Visions that are powerless, lacks motivation. When one is motivated by the latent capacity of sufficient desire, there’s nothing one cannot accomplish. Desire is the starting point of all achievements and you need it to achieve your vision. (It has worked for me, I can testify)

“Vision is a foresight of insight based on hindsight stated “George Bana”, a professor of the University of California. Foresight on your businesses on your academics or on any area of your expertise.

Great businesses have been built by those who know how to use their vision power. Great personality like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and others like them had their business built on the vision they had.

Having a vision convinces you of a better future and makes you want to live to see tomorrow, it conquers discouragements and fear, it put you on a positive tract, makes you welcome changes and embrace the chances of taking risk, even if you don’t have the audacity to face it’s reality. It encourages you to see possibilities in impossibilities. Though it may tarry for while, but it will definitely come to pass. The longer you see into the future, the greater impact you make in the present.

This season, is your season of visions “our young man shall dream dreams and they shall also see visions” that quote is referring to you, this is your season of seeing visions, it is your season of new beginnings, new opportunities, new powers, new prospects, new plans just think of it, you can’t afford to run your life without a vision, if you fail to capitalize on your vision, you already failed in your proposed mission. Don’t loose hearts, your vision will always come to pass if you will hold-on tenaciously to it and you will live pluck to it fruits of victory and fulfillment.

The choice is yours, to succeed or not, but I say you shall.

Peter Lawson is a motivational orator,author,poet,presenter and business coach. he is also the ceo of LE PARAGONS WORLDWIDE(a business/human development company) They are also the publishers of Focusright magazine.